NEW antistatic vacuums designed and produced in South Africa conforming to the CE Zone 22 requirements for the vacuuming of hazardous dusts such as flour. The vacuums are fully grounded with IP 65 compliant motors, static- conductive hose and tools plus ‘H’ class HEPA filters fitted as standard equipment.

image1 Electrostaticproof vacuum image2 IP 65 codecompliant motors  image3 Static conductivehose and tools image4 ‘H’ class HEPA filter to 99.99%efficiency


   image5  image6
Produced by IndVac IndVac
Model ATX 70X2 Predator SUPER ATX 200X3
Tools and hose type Static conductive Static conductive
Hose size 38mm 50mm to 100mm
Gulper tool 38mm (optional) 50mm or 70mm or 100mm (standard)
Tank size and type 70L tilting 200L tilting
Tank material Stainless steel Steel
Motor     Watts 2800 4200
Type of motors 2 x IP 65 compliant 3 x IP 65 compliant
Airflow   liters/sec 115 180
Vacuum   kPa 23 23
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Noise level 65dB 68dB
Filter ‘H’ class HEPA ‘H’ class HEPA
Use General industrial   wet & dry Heavy duty   wet & dry
Application Flour Flour … bulk dust and long distance
Special applications Outrigger for large area floor cleaning
Delivery Two weeks 2 to 3 weeks