Compressed Air Vacuums

Continuous Operation

Compressed air industrial vacuums are designed for continuous and long period industrial cleaning where electric motors are forbidden or electricity is not available. Ideal for explosive and hazardous dusts.

NO moving parts

NO maintenance

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Predator Air Hand Vacuum Jumbo Bulk Dust
Power Compressed air Compressed air Compressed air
Air supply 160cfm at 6 bar minimum 100cfm at 6 bar minimum 160cfm at 6 bar minimum
Suction 24 Kpa 22 Kpa 24 Kpa
Air flow 110 to 190 L/sec 100 L/sec 300 L/sec
Tank size 210 L Bag or bin Transfer
Filter Cartridge HEPA ‘M’ class Bag ———
Use Continuous wet & dry Continuous wet & dry Continuous dust transfer
Manufactured South Africa US & Japan Japan