ATEX Zone coding

  • is mandatory for the collection of dusts, liquids and gases that are classified as explosive.
  • warrants that the tank, hose, filter and tools are electrostatically proofed and earthed to prevent any electrostatic or electric short circuit discharges into the vacuum tank dust cloud.
  • covers the protection against electric discharge related to the type and configuration of the motors.

OSHA safety regulations mandate that dusts such as flour, sugar, coal, starch must be collected using fully ATEX Zone coded vacuums. ATEX Zone coded vacuum motors may not have any direct contact with the collected dust. Most ATEX motors are turbine systems. Compressed air driven ATEX Zone coded vacuums are also extensively used. Explosive gas and volatile liquid collection must only be done with compressed air driven ATEX Zone coded vacuums where no electricity involved.

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Model ATEX ranges ATEX ranges Tankless range KAV range KEVA range
ATEX coding Dusts Zones 21, 22 Zones 20, 21, 22 Zones 21, 22 Zone 21, 22 Zone 21, 22
ATEX coding Gases Zones 1, 2,
Tank size liters 35 to 150 15 to 150 Unlimited 15 to   45 20 to   45
Filter shaker Semi & Full Automatic Reverse purge Semi & Full Automatic None None
Filter type Cartridge Cloth star large area Cartridge Disposable bag Disposable bag
HEPA filter Included Included Included Included Included
Motor     Watts 2 200 to 11 000 Induction turbines 2 000 to 3 000 Compressed air 1150
Type of motor Induction turbines or Compressed air Induction turbines Compressed air 1 x reversible
Volts 230 or 400 6 bar 230 or 400 6 bar 240
Airflow   liters/sec 125 to 550 130 to 300 130 to 200 60 60
Vacuum   kPa 26 to 36 25 to 36 24 to 36 22 22
Use Continuous use Continuous use Dry only Continuous use Dry only
Application Explosive dust Explosive dust Explosive dust Explosive dust Explosive dust
Comments Fine dust Fine dust Small quantities Small quantities Small quantities
Stock position Ex – Italy Ex – Canada Ex – Italy Ex – UK Ex – UK

IndVac has over 200 ATEX coded vacuums covering Zones 1 and 2 for gases and volatile liquids and 20, 21 and 22 for all explosive dusts.

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