Many suppliers offer “Electrostatic Proof” or “Zone 22” named vacuums as cheaper alternatives to the fully ATEX Zone coded vacuums.

Electrostatic proofing earths the collection hose, tools and tank system to prevent electrostatic discharges that may shock the operator. These vacuums are much cheaper than the full ATEX Zone coded vacuums. They are NOT fully ATEX Zone coded units. “Electrostatic Proof” or “Zone 22” vacuums must have IP 65 compliant motors.

“Electrostatic Proof” vacuums may be suitable in some instances for flour and sugar collection … BUT in the event of a fire, damage to property or persons, or explosions the insurer may refuse to settle damages if a full ATEX Zone coding was required, irrespective of the sales claims of the supplier that the vacuums were suitable for ATEX Zone coded dust collection.


Under no circumstances must gas or flammable or volatile liquids be collected using an “Electrostatic Proof” electric vacuum. The same warning applies to the vacuuming of highly explosive light metal dusts such as Aluminium or Magnesium. Explosive metal dusts need to be collected using immersion techniques.