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IndVac is an established market leader in industrial vacuums for all liquid and dust collection, since 1996.
IndVac is recognized as expert in IP 65 and ATEX coded vacuums for explosive and toxic dusts and gases.
IndVac manufacture in South Africa the Predator range of powerful electric and compressed air driven wet and dry heavy duty vacuums.

Heavy duty vacuums. Interceptor tanks.
Single phase multi stage motors.
IP 65 compliant.
Large area floor cleaning.
Compressed air – no moving parts.

Silent vacuums.
General industrial.
Steam vacuums.
Electrostatic proof
Carpet cleaning

ATEX Zones 21 & 22 explosive dusts
Flour, sugar, coal etc.
Oil collection with swarf separation
Specialist vacuums.
Tankless, sealed bag toxic dust vacuums
Turbine vacuums

ATEX Zones 1-2 explosive gases
ATEX Zones 20-21-22 explosive dusts
Aviation fuel, nuclear waste, clean rooms Pharmaceutical & medical waste.
All toxic & explosive gases and dusts.

ATEX Zone 22 explosive dusts
IP 65 compliant
Compressed air vacuums
Small tank vacuums

Powerful compressed air bulk collection
Bulk transfer up to several kilometers.
Mining gravel, slime dam cleaning, sand transfer, bulk cement movement.

Compressed air
Hand vacuums
Bulk dust transfer

Steam vacuums
Steam floor scrubber driers
Battery driven vacuums

Turbine vacuums
General industrial
Continuous operation vacuums
IP 65 compliant.
Electrostatic proof