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IndVac is an established market leader in industrial vacuums for all liquid and dust collection, since 1996.
IndVac is recognized as expert in IP 65 and ATEX coded vacuums for explosive and toxic dusts and gases.
IndVac manufacture in South Africa the Predator range of powerful electric and compressed air driven wet and dry heavy duty vacuums.

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IndVac specializes in industrial vacuum cleaners including heavy duty, general industrial, continuous operation, ATEX coded, toxic dust, compressed air, car wash, silent and commercial vacuums and vacuum systems.

We supply and support over 3000 types of industrial vacuum cleaners from some of the world’s leading specialist industrial vacuum manufacturers including LAVOR, Coynco, Big Brute, Tiger-Vac, Osawa, Salla, Aspirogom, Hafco, Biemmedue, Kerstar, IVAC, LineaSelf.

The robust and extremely powerful Predator vacuums are manufactured in our Turfontein plant. These heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are built for tough applications and are electric motor or compressed air driven.

Our industrial vacuums for collecting fine dusts have a patented automatic reverse flow filter cleaning system to prevent filter clogging and premature motor burnout. All our fine dust industrial vacuums can be supplied with HEPA filters. Continuous and non-stop operation industrial vacuums are one of our main products and are turbine or compressed air driven.

Contact us for the largest range of ATEX coded vacuums for explosive and hazardous dust and liquid collection for Zone 1 & 2 gas and Zone 20-21-22 explosive dust collection. Our ATEX coded vacuums are in operation throughout Africa in most explosive environments including numerous acetylene plants with carbon dust for BOC, detonator powders for AEI, nuclear applications as well as several flour and sugar dust plants.

The IVAC (Canada) range of bulk collection and long distance compressed air driven industrial vacuums can transfer dusts, gravels and slimes over 1 kilometer continuously 24 hours a day more efficiently than tanker transport.

Our sturdy car wash vacuums are priced for the industry. More recently our continuous operation turbine units have been preferred as they work 24 hours a day and are not subject to rapid motor burn out from overuse.

Contract cleaners rely on our professional office vacuums specifically silenced for quiet contract cleaning while working. Our tough commercial vacuums are designed for daily use. We stock a top quality range of carpet cleaning vacuums as well as steam vacuums for sanitizing and degreasing.

Let Indvac advise on the most cost effective and efficient vacuuming solution for all your dust or liquid collection problems. Buy, rent or hire an IndVac industrial vacuum cleaner today.

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